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How To Make A Video Ad That Will Actually Get Results

How To Make A Video Ad That Will Actually Get Results


Video advertising on TV became a thing. However, the drawback of Television commercials was their expensive cost. For a 30 seconds ad slot, you’d to pay millions of dollars. It has not been a brave choice for small-scale businesses and startups. More recently, video advertising on social media marketing platforms has been increasing rapidly.

Why Use Video Ads? Video ads allow you to play with the number of videos that you can run during one campaign. With the popularity of video platforms, they are the ideal channel for those who have a lot of content. On top of that, your customers will always look for engaging ads and videos to share on social media platforms. What Is a Video Ad? Before looking at how to run a video ad campaign, it’s important to understand the different terms when it comes to video advertising. At first, these are referred to as HTML5 or Flash Video ads. However, you can refer to them as video ads. For simplicity, you can still refer to them as ads and run any video ad format on any platform. A video ad is a visual ad where you narrate a brief message in your natural voice or one of your employees.

The Advantages of Video Advertising

The advancements in video technology have provided ample opportunity to businesses that are in the market of online marketing. Marketing your business with video ads would definitely attract more users and hence encourage more conversions. All that you need to do in order to make a video ad is find the right video script that caters to your target audience. It is easy to make video content. All you need to do is collect videos of your customers, and utilize them to create a promotional video. But here is the catch. Even if you have the right script, if you’re unable to use it effectively and convey your brand message and value proposition effectively, you might end up wasting your money. There are many shortcomings in using the above-mentioned video ad script.

What Is It?

Simply put, video advertising on social media marketing platforms is a way of creating a video marketing campaign on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter, specifically by placing advertisements on those platforms. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have successfully become the top social media sites for users. What’s New With Video Advertising on Social Media Marketing Platforms? Video advertising is being used as a way to attract more customers on social media platforms. It is different from a regular advertisement. They are designed in such a way to entice your target audience so that they click and buy a product. As long as the ads are relevant and short, they will perform well.

How To Create A Video Ad

Video advertising on social media marketing platforms requires a bit of creativity as well. Some Social Media platforms will offer tools to automatically create video ads with a customizable template. Alternatively, you can build your own ad agency, marketing team, templates and assets to produce high-quality video ads that are sure to deliver results. Whichever route you take, your video marketing goals need to be clear. Your advertising dollars can be better spent by creating a video advertisement that will give your business a boost in sales. This will help you stand out in a crowded marketplace, improve engagement on your website, gain brand recognition and help your business to scale.


Your videos should be creative and easily consumable. However, if your videos are too funny, your viewers might ignore it. As a strategy, you should create videos that bring you and your products and services to the forefront of people’s minds. Your video ads should be engaging and contain the same funny element that your product or service offers.